“Tight is right” is one of the guiding principles for some professional poker players during big offline tournaments. The goal is to reach the final table and stay alive. But, some believe that a loose aggressive playstyle is better for online poker. Why? Is there a difference between online and offline poker?

Reading Online Poker Tells

When you are online, you can’t see the eyes, mouth, hands or other body signals of the other players. Of course, tells remain an integral part of poker or agen poker online, so you need to gauge your opponent’s strength or weakness using some other criteria. What are these?

Modern professional online poker players will look at the betting pattern of opponents. Did they check, call or raise? How much did they bet? When did they bet – with which cards showing? These are the primary tells online.

Over a session, players will also develop a certain persona online. Each player will have a certain pattern of play when he has different hands, like two pocket aces or a bluff. The most successful online players will compare past actions to the present betting.

Loose Aggressive is Unpredictable

Just as you are gauging the betting style opponents, so are they gauging yours. When you play tight, you will tend to follow the same pattern. In tournament play, this is OK because you simply want to survive and you can also depend on physical tells. Online poker involves more betting variation.

Others will judge your actions by how you bet. When you are loose, others will not take you as seriously. This is ideal when you have the winning hand. You can get your opponents “to give you more of their money.”

Aggressive actions will dictate the pace of the table. This allows you to dominate others when you have a very good hand. It can also assist with bluffs. This chaotic style of play is unpredictable, giving you the advantage.

Control the Online Table

Imagine yourself as a submarine waiting to pounce like a wolf on your prey. The destroyers will look for consistent patterns on their radar and drop depth charges to find you. When your movements are erratic, you can’t be discovered.

Bluffing succeeds when you have developed a strong winning streak and stack size. Opponents are less likely to stay in the pot online, when you have developed this erratic playstyle. Some players simply won’t want to play pots with “loose, aggressive” types. Why?

How many times have you felt like you “knew what your opponent had?” You might see two diamonds on the board and know that they are looking for a flush draw, by how they bet. It is easier to figure out tight, passive players. They are easy to read. They cannot win as often with good hands and cannot bluff as easily with bad hands.

Gain control over the online poker table with a loose aggressive playstyle. You will see the top pros using this style. They never want their opponents to become comfortable.