In actual casinos there is a low chance of winning big. It’s usually a bad idea going to any sort of casino unless you are prepared to lose the money you came with. Everything can be manipulated, and that’s in real life. Online casinos take it one step further. They could potentially control everything.
Online you have no idea if it is a fair game. It can be easily rigged without you ever knowing. Sure you might win once or twice, but that’s because they want you to think you have a chance. Imagine you win a couple times, make a little money then suddenly you go on a huge losing streak.
They simply want your money, Casinos are profitable and not for the gamblers in them. Your money would be better spent else where. Imagine how easy it would be for someone sitting behind a screen to click a button. Just consider the possibility of it being rigged, now imagine if you could run an online casino? Now that’s scary to think about.

Online Scams

In person how likely are you of being scammed? Well, that depends but I’d assume it’s no where near all the scams you find browsing the internet. There is click bait, pop up ads, spam, viruses, identity theft, and who knows what else people will come up with to ruin your life. Do you really think you can trust some virtual casino with your hard earned money? Probably not.
Dozens of seemingly innocent offers or ads online are simply just attempts at taking your money. This applies to everything be careful where you give out your credit card information. Be careful on the internet and especially in a casino. If winning money online was as easy as that everyone would be rich. Gambling is addicting and it usually never pays off in the long run. Save your money for a rainy day instead of being left with regret and an empty pocket.

My personal experience

I have personally been in trouble with gambling online before, at first you win a couple games and you feel the adrenaline, you feel like you could never lose. Then when you lose you keep going and going, whether it is rigged or not, or if you can win or not. Chances aren’t looking good either way. You will lose money, and the chance to win back your money is there I’ll admit but it’s very slim. The self control one has to have in order to just walk away after winning a couple hundred or even a thousand dollars is insane. Use your head and be smart, spending a little money on gambling for fun is fine, but do it on sites that are legit, like sbobet and just don’t be reckless.