If you play online slot machine games and have heard about The Book of Ra, you may be wondering why it is so popular and why so many people online are currently playing it. After all, with thousands of online slot machine games out there, what makes this game so special?

Why is The Book of Ra so popular? — For anyone who plays slot machine games, the idea that one game is more popular than any other may seem a little absurd. With so many games to choose from, why would one become popular over all the others.

With The Book of Ra, this boils down to the game being superbly designed and incredibly fun to play.

The Book of Ra design — The designers of The Book of Ra Online obviously sat down and tried to think about what type of game would likely be the most popular with the most number of people. Then the Egyptian theme came into their heads. Combine that with a game that is flashy, colorful, brightly designed and with fun sound effects, and it is no wonder it is so popular at the moment.

If you are an Indiana Jones fan, as well as someone who loves Egyptian-themed things, then The Book of Ra is one you should definitely try as it encompasses all of that.

The gambling experience — While gambling on online slot machine games is always fun, The Book of Ra has taken it to an entirely different level.

That is because not only does the game offer a fun theme, but it also offers a huge number of ways of betting and of winning as well.

Win lines — Many online slot machine games stick to three to five win lines, and these are your only opportunities to win. The Book of Ra, however, has eight win lines so, whenever you place a new bet before a new spin, you can choose to bet on all of them or just some of them.

The more win lines you bet on with The Book of Ra, however, the better your chance of winning. The more you bet on each win line, the more you will win if you have a lucky spin.

What is also wonderful is, if you begin to lose and are starting to run out of money, you can also bet on just one or two win lines. This prolongs the amount of time you can play the game and prolongs your chances of winning.

You can play the game for free — Before you start to bet on The Book of Ra, you should also take advantage of the game’s free version.

This is just the same as the version you will bet on, but it is played with free tokens. It also allows you to practice playing the slot machine game, to practice your betting strategy and to figure out how the machine works.

This will not only increase your chances of winning when you do begin to bet, it is also fun to play.