When people talk about online poker, for instance poker online indonesia, they’re most often referring to No Limit Texas Hold’em or NLH, for short. NLH is one of the most computationally complex games that are widely played. For this reason, there’s no way to even begin to give a comprehensive set of prescriptions for becoming a great NLH player in a few paragraphs. But we’ll at least try to scratch the surface on a few.

Learn to think in terms of ranges, not hands

Many people’s mental image of poker is a sunglasses-wearing, stone faced player pausing for 30 seconds while he ponders his opponent’s expression, finally saying, “I know you have three of a kind” and calling to win the tournament. In reality, you can almost never put your opponent on an exact hand. Instead, professional players assign their opponents a range of hands, that is, all possible hands that their opponent could have played in the way that led to the current spot they’re in.

Learn to count combos

The way that ranges of hands are described is through counting combos. The term “combo” is short for combination, which comes from the mathematical field of combinatorics. In each spot in NLH, your opponent will be likely to hold a certain number of combos and there will be a certain number of combos that beat your hand. A simple example of this is preflop, if your opponent is in the small blind in a Heads Up game and he raises 100% of the time, he will have 1,326 combos of possible hands. If you hold KK, there are only 6 combos that beat you, meaning that your hand is best 1,320/1,326 = 99.5% of the time.

Buy first person hand histories and analyze the population of players

If you want to design a really good NLH strategy, you have to know what the general population of players is doing in each spot. The way to do this is to get a sample of more than a million hand histories, preferably more than two million. You will then need to create a population alias through your tracking software. This is getting very technical but it’s an absolutely imperative technique to master if you really want to get good at NLH.

Also, the hand histories should be first person, that means that they should be from the person who has actually played the hands, not from an observer of the table where the hands were played. Trust me, the methodological problems you’ll face by using observer hands are huge. If you want a tip on how to get so many hands, just buy them from any player who has tracking software.

Write down ranges and combo progressions

A combo progression is how many combos make up your opponent’s range at any time. For example, if you’re playing Heads Up NLH and your opponent raises from the small blind, bets the flop, bets the turn and bets the river, all at average bet sizes, he will have about 115 combos. His range will be mostly two pair and higher.

Play a ton

Practice makes perfect, and there’s no substitute for real-world playing experience.

Many of these rules may seem overly technical or arcane. But if you follow them and Google what you don’t understand, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a world-class online NLH player.