With the edge cutting technology, one can enjoy gambling Domino Qiu Qiu gambling game online. Two to six people can play it. The Domino Qiu Qiu has a total of 28 cards with different points in each card; each player is issued with four cards in each game round. The winner of the game is the one that makes the most significant point. To count the points, the four cards are joint to be two couples of points, each pair of cards point is calculated, and the result is included to the other couples’ points, in case the is higher than either 10 or 20, then the point is earned from the second digit. For example, if the calculated point is 15, then digit five will be taken. When more than one players have the same points, the numbers of dots are added up where the one with the highest sums of dots will lead the other.

When the game begins, each player is first given three cards of Domino Qiu Qiu. Each player will then bet to have the fourth card, a player who makes a deal can take the fourth card and make the others lose in case no player is ready to take the deal. In a situation where the other players get the fourth card, the gambling will continue.

It’s also very essential to understand Domino Qiu Qiu distinct cards that have the highest points, these include;

  1. The 6 God Card which contains the most top points in the whole gambling game.
  2. The Balak Cards which every player should have during the game
  3. The Pure Big Cards made from four cards with a total summation of either points or dots is 40.
  4. The Pure Small Cards and are four in number. The sums of either points or dots should not be more than 9.


For great winning in this game, significant information should be put into consideration, for example, the interested party should have enough money to invest in the game especially when a person is a beginner as there are chances of losing in the process of learning. The player should always have positive feeling and mood whenever they are set for the game, and above all, the person should be focused to accelerate the winning possibilities.

The gambler should always be aware of his ability as different people have diverse expertise, whenever one thinks it time to end the game then has no choice but to stop. A virtue of patience should always be on board; one can encounter numerous times of losing before having a big win. In a situation where a player experiences several times of loses despite playing on a small table, it’s better to change the schedule. All players are advised to believe in luck as people do have success at times. When a big chance comes on your side, there is need of choosing another table.

With all these strategies taken into consideration while playing Domino Qiu Qiu, a guarantee of making more profits is almost certain.