If you are a beginning poker player, or at least a beginner when it comes to online poker playing, you may be considering playing a style called tight aggressive. Known as one of the styles that can help a talented poker player win and win back, playing tight aggressive is not for everyone.

As a beginner in agen poker, is the tight aggressive style for you, or should you consider something a little less stressful?

How do you play with a tight aggressive style? — There are two aspects to playing in a tight aggressive fashion. You need to be able to stick to doing both of them in order for you to have a chance of winning.

The first one is that you will only play a limited number of hands. A number you will agree on with yourself before you start to play. This is the ‘tight’ part of the strategy.

The other part of the game style is to play in an aggressive manner. Not being rude or disrespectful, of course — not that type of aggressive — but instead being aggressive with how you raise and how much you bet on each hand.

Why is the tight aggressive way a winning strategy for a beginner? — Many beginners will not play in this style as it can be stressful. Especially when it is coming to the end of playing a hand and you are trying to assess how much your opponent is likely to raise, or if he will even raise at all.

A beginner that can keep their cool while playing tight aggressive, however, could be on to a winning strategy. Especially if you are playing in an online poker room with other beginners. This play style can be quite intimidating to some so, if you can master it yourself and keep your cool, it can be a huge advantage for you.

How to play the tight aggressive style the best way — The most important thing is to stay calm, do not be overly aggressive and watch what your opponent is doing.

These three things will still allow you to play your hand in every game in a tight aggressive way, but will not have you hanging out on a limb suddenly realizing you have just made a huge mistake.

Staying calm is the key as this will allow you to calmly assess both your hand and how much your opponent is likely to raise. This will then help you make up your own mind when you raise yourself.

Watching what your opponent is doing is also key as, if you read him and his tells correctly, it can tell you quickly if your tight aggressive stance in this hand is going to reap dividends or if you may want to pull back.

How to learn the tricks of being tight aggressive in poker — Spend some time watching online poker games on places like YouTube. This will give you an idea of how other players play in a tight aggressive manner before you do so yourself.